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Different Education

Everyone knows, education is one of the most important things for us in the world. Every country wants to make Its education better and better. But not every country can make it really good. Every country has different education ways. Like China, Its eudcation is very different from others, it gives students a very busy study life when they are in primary school, middle school and highschool, but free in the university. However, western education is opposite to ours. And students can learn a little things in their life in China, but not in wstern country. They pay attentio to the cultivation of the students' curiosity, so most students can learn things on their own and think questions in different ways, but Chinese students can not. This is the most important difference from them. Although Chinese education can' t compare favourably with the western education now, but I think it will be better in the future.


What is superstition? Superstition means that some thing is not scientific, and you believe it, so you are superstition. For examaple, some one old believe there are ghost, and they will knock the door if you have done something bad; And some one think the god will give usood luck if us worship it devoutly; Some one also think if us always do something good, the god will bless us; Even something think that everything is fateful, so they don't take a treat when they are ill, don't work hard because they believe we can't change our lives…… Superstition is really bloodcurdling, it can push us to the abyss. But in some ways, we need superstition, believe, everything have two face, one is good, one is bad.

[ It is a fun day, 3:00 in the afternoon, sunny, with some clouds in the sky. A and B are waitting for the bus]
A: Hum, I tihnk it will rain after some minutes.
B: Yes, the weather report says that it will  start to rain at 5:00.
A: Uh-huh, my guess is always right.
B: You are a good weather observer.
A: Sure. I am American . Where are you from, man?
B: I am from China.
A: But your English is really good.
B[smile]: Thank you, I have learned English for several years. I live in           America  now.
A: Do you like American culture?
B: Yes, some. But not all.
A: Do you like playing soccer? I like it very much. Almost every man in America like it.
B: A little, but I like basketball, like NBA, do you know?
A: Sure, my friend is one of them.
B: Really?
A[Embarrassed]: Yes, but he is just a alternate.
B: Ha-ha- ha-ha.
A: Fuck you, why you laugh at my friend? Maybe he is not great, but he is really good.
B: What is his name?
A: His name is Jeremy Lin, I think he will be famous in the future. And I am sure there will be Linsanity.
B: Really, I hope so.
A: OH, look that girl! What a beautiful chick.
B: Wow, I have never seen any beautiful girl like this. [Shout to that lady]: Wow, I like you!
A: Madman, I don not know you.
B: Look! Maserati! I always want to have a car like this.
A: Hum, I have already had a Ferrari and a BMW and a Benz. Maserati is too cheap, I dont like.
B: Really? You are so rich, I just have two cars, one is Bugatti Veyron, and the other is Rolls-Royce.
[A spit out blood]
B: Do you have a company?
A: Yes, It is called Little Sheep.
B: I have a company, too. It is called Big Sheep.
[A spit out blood again, they continue the conversition. Not very longtime after, A spit out blood again, and then again and again. Then he heard the sound of ambulance, B calls119. ]

diary about news

Monday  July 7th 2012       Weather: cloudy and cool
Today is cloudy, not hot, it is a little cool, the cool wind makes people feel cool. It is a nice weather. But I heard that some province had strong strom and it made flood overflow, lots of people had to drop their house to avoid the disaster. It is a bad news, although the rain let the weather get cooler, it took us troublesome. In these years, people have already destoried the earth, it will take us more and more troublesome not only like this. As human, we must try our best to protect the environment, or we can not stay here any more.

getting to know a new city, antarctic

When we are in a new city or a new country, amost everything is strange for us. We need get to know it inmediately so that we can live in it safely and do not need to be worried about our plight. But it is the most serious problem for us although it seems very simple. Before we go, we need to make a perfect plan so that we can feel more relaxed after we arrive there, or we will feel tired and can not find what we should do and how to do it. So make a plan is the most improtant thing.
For example, I will go to a new space called Antartic. First, I should know where it is and how is the weather always like there. I need to prepare all the things right. I will get to know it by asking google or baidu, and I will watch the weather report about it before I go there, it will help a lot. After that, I will buy the things which I need or will need in Antarctic. It important, too. And I will check the tickets and make sure when I will go and how I will spend. Before I go, I will count the money if they are enough. Money is not everything but almost everything. When I get there, I will buy a map of it. It can help me to know Antarctic. There is lots of ice, maybe I need to by a sledge with some dogs. And I will find a hotel or stay with Eskimo in their ice house. I also need to find a job, or my momey will get less and less. Money is a serious question. If I have enough money, maybe I will buy an ice house house, too. And I should learn to know their culture and law there. It is important, too.
Getting to know a new city is not a easy job. Remember, a perfect plan can help you a lot.

aim of education

In Chinese saying, children is the hope of the country. But how to save these hopes and let them become the "pillar", education is the way let them grow up more safely and easily. Education can make sure amost everyone can get a good study environment, it gives students knowledge and how to grow as a person. Maybe it still can not change some of people’s bad habbits, but however it helps us a lot, for examaple, we grow up with many konwledge so that we seemed not stupid; we have learned to respect people although we do not like them; we have made lots of friends and we try to understand them, and we can get help from them in the future…… Education is needed by us students especially primary school’s students and us teenager.
In Chinese old saying," At the beginning of life goodness ". In a word, the aim of education to keep our goodness and help us to grow as a person.




Wednesday July 11th 2012 weather: sunny hot

Today is Wednesday. The fourth day in this week. Everything is not good, not bad, all is so so. It is same to everyday else, not special, just usual. The hot weather makes me feel very tired. I am always unenergetic. Nothing can make me interested in. I do not like this weather. I hope that there will be a storm.


introduce myself

Hello, everyone, I am Sky, a Chinese boy. I am from Yiwu, China, a economic hub, it is famous for its enoumous economic. I am a little proud of it. I am a middle school student, not very tall, but thin. I have a so so head with long black hair. Ialso have  so so eyes with glasses on it. I am a happy boy, I always want to laugh. I am shy when I am staying with strangers, but not friends. I am a little naughty and crazy, but it does not matter. 
Welcome everyone to come to visit my blog. Welcome everyone to make friends with me.  


diary about news

Today I find some news about China from Baidu, it is very surprising. It tells that Chinese Ministry of Railroad spent 1,850,000 yuan in miking trailer. I can hardly imagine we need such lots of momey to make tariler. It isa serious question. As we know, China is not a rich country, a lot of people in China can not get enough food, clothes, care and helps. They are very poor, they even can not go to school. Chinese goverment always says that they will help the poor people as they can, but they still use money doing other things, it is very bad. I lose hope from them. I hope when they are enjoying, they can remember more about these poor people.


This is not my first blog

I am exciting now.I am new here, please  give me a hand, help me .

Teacher Karl teach me how to start my first blog in live journal. I am exciting again, because I will learn more knowledge here.