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getting to know a new city, antarctic

When we are in a new city or a new country, amost everything is strange for us. We need get to know it inmediately so that we can live in it safely and do not need to be worried about our plight. But it is the most serious problem for us although it seems very simple. Before we go, we need to make a perfect plan so that we can feel more relaxed after we arrive there, or we will feel tired and can not find what we should do and how to do it. So make a plan is the most improtant thing.
For example, I will go to a new space called Antartic. First, I should know where it is and how is the weather always like there. I need to prepare all the things right. I will get to know it by asking google or baidu, and I will watch the weather report about it before I go there, it will help a lot. After that, I will buy the things which I need or will need in Antarctic. It important, too. And I will check the tickets and make sure when I will go and how I will spend. Before I go, I will count the money if they are enough. Money is not everything but almost everything. When I get there, I will buy a map of it. It can help me to know Antarctic. There is lots of ice, maybe I need to by a sledge with some dogs. And I will find a hotel or stay with Eskimo in their ice house. I also need to find a job, or my momey will get less and less. Money is a serious question. If I have enough money, maybe I will buy an ice house house, too. And I should learn to know their culture and law there. It is important, too.
Getting to know a new city is not a easy job. Remember, a perfect plan can help you a lot.



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