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[ It is a fun day, 3:00 in the afternoon, sunny, with some clouds in the sky. A and B are waitting for the bus]
A: Hum, I tihnk it will rain after some minutes.
B: Yes, the weather report says that it will  start to rain at 5:00.
A: Uh-huh, my guess is always right.
B: You are a good weather observer.
A: Sure. I am American . Where are you from, man?
B: I am from China.
A: But your English is really good.
B[smile]: Thank you, I have learned English for several years. I live in           America  now.
A: Do you like American culture?
B: Yes, some. But not all.
A: Do you like playing soccer? I like it very much. Almost every man in America like it.
B: A little, but I like basketball, like NBA, do you know?
A: Sure, my friend is one of them.
B: Really?
A[Embarrassed]: Yes, but he is just a alternate.
B: Ha-ha- ha-ha.
A: Fuck you, why you laugh at my friend? Maybe he is not great, but he is really good.
B: What is his name?
A: His name is Jeremy Lin, I think he will be famous in the future. And I am sure there will be Linsanity.
B: Really, I hope so.
A: OH, look that girl! What a beautiful chick.
B: Wow, I have never seen any beautiful girl like this. [Shout to that lady]: Wow, I like you!
A: Madman, I don not know you.
B: Look! Maserati! I always want to have a car like this.
A: Hum, I have already had a Ferrari and a BMW and a Benz. Maserati is too cheap, I dont like.
B: Really? You are so rich, I just have two cars, one is Bugatti Veyron, and the other is Rolls-Royce.
[A spit out blood]
B: Do you have a company?
A: Yes, It is called Little Sheep.
B: I have a company, too. It is called Big Sheep.
[A spit out blood again, they continue the conversition. Not very longtime after, A spit out blood again, and then again and again. Then he heard the sound of ambulance, B calls119. ]


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Jul. 26th, 2012 01:05 am (UTC)
Oh my god!
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